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Mellow Yellow Necklace

Artist Statement

Born and raised in Japan, Miho Bruin studied Fashion Design at Yasuko Ueda college of Fashion, Osaka. 

After graduating she started as a fashion designer, for a big national company in Tokyo.

Longing for a more open culture, love brought her to The Netherlands, Hoek van Holland.


Her creativity woke again (2011) after she discovered Powertex. Powertex is a Belgian natural textile hardener but also a universal medium for painting, sculpting and decorating.


After discovering its necessary techniques, she started designing jewelry in 2013.

Hoping you would "wear" her Art. 

Her inspiration comes from nature and human emotions. For Miho both have lot of similarities:

There is soft and hard, light and darkness, beauty and ugliness, kindness and harshness...

She shows those emotions with natural materials.

Please enjoy her poetic surprises: Collections from new materials to new jewelry and jewelryobjects.

AW Collection

New Collections


When I first saw the cactus living like a wild gras in the great nature, I was stunned.

Amazed by how it was waiting very patiently for the heavenly skies.

No matter how dry the body(heart) gets, no matter how dark of a place it is put in, it will endure and wait until it sees the light necessary to survive.

The series is a reproduction of a cactus who lived out its life and has regained its life in jewelry to exist with you into your golden future.


This series is an offspring from an event my fellow artists had produced which I joined.

Mellow...a word that gives a sense of nostalgia and calmness.

When I heard this word, an image of round meaty mushrooms without any sharp edges popped in my head. Mushrooms clustering in the forest "staying close to each other".

I am hoping that the world we live in can be calm and warm as wel, where people's hearts can stay close to each other. 

Such of my hopes have been the drive to creating the Mellow Yellow series.


Designed with other natulral materials: Seaweed, Driftwood,Paper etc...

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